6 July 2017

Dear Valued Client,

Re: RKE International Holdings Limited (#3682) Global Offering Not to Proceed

We would like to inform you that RKE International Holdings Limited, the Selling Shareholder and the Joint Global Coordinators (on behalf of the Hong Kong Underwriters) have not entered into the Price Determination Agreement. Accordingly, the International Underwriting Agreement in relation to the International Offering will not be entered into and the Hong Kong Underwriting Agreement in relation to the Hong Kong Public Offering has terminated. The Global Offering (including the Preferential Offering) will therefore not proceed as originally scheduled.

For more details about the Announcements and Notices, please visit the HKEXnews website.

Should you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at (852)2663-8888 or email at hotline@cashon-line.com.

Best regards,

Client Services Department
Celestial Securities Limited




謹通知  閣下,勁投國際控股有限公司及售股股東未能與聯席全球協調人(代表香港包銷商) 訂立定價協議。據此,有關國際發售的國際包銷協議將不會簽訂,而有關香港公開發售的香港包銷協議已經終止。因此全球發售(包括優先發售)將不會按原定計劃進行。


如有任何查詢,請致電(852) 2663-8888或電郵hotline@cashon-line.com與本公司之客戶服務主任聯絡。




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