CASH Financial Services Group Ltd (“CFSG”) would like to alert customers that recently there is a suspicious website counterfeiting registered name of CFSG and publishing fraudulent hotline, facsimile number and registered address of CFSG.

In case, you have received any suspicious e-mails / web link, please be advised not to provide any information and delete them immediately in order to prevent computer virus and fraudulent use of your personal information.

CFSG has currently reported the above fraudulent activities to the police, and regulatory bodies in Hong Kong. CFSG reserves the right to take legal actions.

Please note that the official websites of CFSG are and If you have still received spoofed e-mail or hyperlink or have further enquiries, please immediately notify to us at (852) 2663-8888 in HK, (86) 400-6088-498 in China or email

Best regards,

CASH Financial Services Group Limited






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