While enjoying the new features of our website, CASH Financial Services Group Ltd (“CFSG”) would like to alert customers in relation to recent fraudulent website(s) and/or phishing email(s). In case you have received any suspicious e-mail and/or web link, please be advised not to provide any information and delete them immediately in order to prevent computer virus and/or fraudulent use of your personal information. CFSG would like to remind its customers that CFSG has no connection with such phishing email(s) and/or fraudulent site(s).

CFSG has reported the fraudulent activities to the police and regulatory bodies in Hong Kong. CFSG reserves the right to take legal actions.

Please be reminded that CFSG’s official website is www.cashon-line.com. If you have any enquiry, please contact us at (852) 2663-8888 (Hong Kong), (86) 400-6088-498 (Mainland China) or e-mail us at hotline@cashon-line.com.

在享受我們網站新功能的同時,時富金融服務集團有限公司(「時富金融」)提醒客戶及投資者留意並提高警惕有關最近的欺詐性網站和/或網絡釣魚電子郵件。 若客戶收到可疑電郵或網址,請不要提供任何資料並應立即刪除,以免被電腦病毒感染或個人資料被盜用。 時富金融謹此聲名,時富金融與此類網絡釣魚電子郵件和/或欺詐性網站沒有任何關聯。



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