1. Please be advised that CFSG has revised its Terms and Conditions effective on 13 May 2024. The latest version is CFSG Terms & Conditions - Version 20.
2. Please be advised that CFSG has issued a notice on the adjustment of the U.S. Stock Trading Fee Rate and Settlement Cycle for US stocks on 20 May 2024. For more details, please click here.


In the past half of a century, CASH Financial Services Group has experienced a lot of economic booms and troughs, and adhered to providing excellent services to our customers with all sincerity. We understand that your goals evolve as you go through the different stages of your life. At your various life stages, we will work with you as a reliable partner who always stands by you and understands you, to grow your wealth and build the life you envisioned.

Specialist Team

Our professional team covering investment specialists in various financial aspects, provides valuable advices to you with their extensive investment experience and in-depth market research

Personalised Services

Your dedicated financial advisor understands your needs, and works with a team of experts to develop a financial plan tailored to you, bringing you an all-round, efficient and attentive service

Diversified Products

One-stop wealth management platform offers diversified products across all the main asset classes worldwide. You can enjoy the privilege of access to a comprehensive suite of investment products

Your Life Goals

Whatever stage in life you are at, we can guide you through the opportunities and challenges you face, and help you achieve your goals.

  Helping You Grow Your Wealth

We know how important it is to grow your money. Your dedicated financial advisor builds a personalised financial solution just for you based on your goal and risk-tolerance level. Learn More

Helping You Protect Your Family

You never know which comes first, accidents or tomorrow. We choose the insurance product best suited to your needs amidst the various products, to protect your loved ones’ tomorrow.
Learn More

Helping You Plan Your
Children's Education

All parents want their children to succeed in their life. We provide one-stop services, including overseas education, immigration and overseas property investment to let your children win at the starting line. Learn More

Helping Your Business Grow

We provide you with one-stop corporate services and business loans, keeping your focus on what matters most to you – growing your business. Learn More

Helping You Plan a
Stress-Free Retirement

There is no need to slow down in retirement. You could travel the world, or pursue a new hobby. We help you plan ahead to achieve your ideal retirement lifestyle. Learn More

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