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Our Services

CASH Portfolio Management Services

CASH Portfolio Management Services (CPMS) is a sophisticated portfolio management service. Our portfolio management team has completed discretion to manage customers’ portfolios. Based on individual financial goals and risk-tolerances levels, we select investment products from multiple asset classes. Discretionary management allows us to effectively and quickly react to market opportunities and risks. Our goal is to achieve long-term capital growth while maintaining a balance between risk and reward.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

Our professional team members include Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Certified Financial Planners (CFPcm), etc., who have extensive experiences in market research, economic analysis and portfolio management.

Comprehensive Market Research

Our portfolio management team conducts a quantitative and qualitative analysis of each market and asset class regularly to make the most appropriate investment decisions for customers.

Outstanding Active Management

To bring the highest potential returns for customers, a diversified and consistent investment strategy is adopted by the dynamic allocation of emerging markets and mature markets, long-term and short-term funds, and international and district bonds.

Rapid Reaction to Changing Market

When facing volatile market conditions, the portfolio management team can make prompt investment decisions to avoid risk and capture investment opportunity, thus keeping the profit.

Excellent Risk Management

To diversify risk, the portfolio management team develops diversified portfolios across various asset classes, and controls the portfolio volatility properly with continuous monitoring.

24-Hour Online Monitoring

Clients can monitor their portfolios and investment performance anytime and anywhere, via our online portfolio platform.

Customer Service

 Hong Kong: (852) 2663 8888
       China: (86) 400 6088 498

 WhatsApp: (852) 9889 1968

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